Handcrafted Wood Roses


Our handcrafted (in China) small wood rose buds are made from real wood.  Each bud is made from eight individual wood petals, cut from high quality Birch.  The leaves are fiber and the life-like, green wrapped stems are bendable wire which is perfect for any arrangement.  These wood roses can even be woven into various shaped wreaths.

Our wooden rose buds are approximately two inches high and one inch wide.  The stems are eleven inches long.  The roses are called "fragile, but not delicate".  They are generally sturdy unless stepped on!  If necessary, petals can be simply reglued with a hot glue gun.

We currently have eight colors available.  Please see our sample pictures .

You can purchase the roses individually, six at a time or by the dozen.  Half dozens include a carrying sleeve and a sprig of imitation Bear Grass.  Full dozens are also placed in a carrying sleeve and include two sprigs of imitation Bear Grass.  Please see our sample pictures  for examples of the sleeves and Bear Grass.

Caution:  Do not use water to clean these wood rose buds.  Water may break down the wood pedals and may seriously effect coloring.  Just use a hair dryer (not too close!) or canned air to blow off any dust or dirt.



Be sure to read the safety instructions before lighting your candle.

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